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Alloya simplifies
running your credit union.


At Alloya, our job is to make your job easier. We know credit unions inside and out because we are a credit union too. Let us help you simplify, so you can focus on what's most important - your members.

Tell me about simplified membership

Reduced fees, an Advised Line of Credit and full access to Alloya's extensive products and services - with no capital required. Whether you choose to become a Capital or Associate Member of Alloya, your credit union will benefit from joining the Alloya family.

Tell me about simplified transactions.

Day-to-day operations are simpler with our one-stop transaction system that does it all. With a single sign-on, your operations team will have access to accounts and comprehensive transaction services ranging from Coin & Currency Services to Check Deposit Services to ACH and beyond - making it easier for your team to take care of their daily to-do list.

Tell me about simplified liquidity.

Liquidity management is made easier through our highly competitive Advised Line of Credit - available to all credit unions with or without a capital contribution. The Line can be used for any purpose - like funding unexpected outflows or term loans to help fund loan growth. To top it off, the Line of Credit has no hidden fees. Period. That means, apart from a fair and competitive interest rate on advances, there are no usage fees, no origination fees, no unused-line fees, nor any termination fees.

Tell me about simplified investments.

Maximize yields from excess funds while minimizing risks on your balance sheet with investment products that are designed to help your credit union succeed. Not to mention, a team of professionals is at your fingertips to help make sure you find the right investment for the right reason at the right price.

Everything you need to run a credit union, all in one place. No need to evaluate, coordinate, secure, and manage multiple vendors. Everything works. And everything works together. So you can concentrate on your members.

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