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Alloya simplifies deposit fraud protection.


How can Alloya help my credit union staff more easily identify fraudulent check deposits?

Fight fraud, mitigate risk, remain compliant and better serve your members with Deposit Fraud Protection. Through partnerships with Early Warning® and Advanced Fraud Solutions (AFS), Alloya’s Deposit Fraud Protection services give your credit union the ability to receive immediate or next-day reports of high-risk deposit and return items – providing an extra level of security against those who wish to do financial harm to your credit union and your members.

Which deposited items are reviewed by Alloya’s Deposit Fraud Protection solutions and what types of activity are included in the reports?

All of Alloya’s Deposit Fraud Protection solutions will review all deposited items (above the credit union established threshold), including Image Clear. Thorough reports provide notification of questionable accounts that exhibit: insufficient funds activity, stop payments, evidence of being closed, fraudulent activities and more.

How can Alloya help manage when a member deposit or account should be placed on hold?

Your credit union staff can place a hold or an extended hold on the deposit amount upon receipt of a risk notification, in accordance with your policy disclosures. However, your credit union team can also reduce the number of holds on low-risk items so funds can be made available more quickly for your members.

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