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Alloya simplifies liquidity management.


What can Alloya do to help raise liquidity at my credit union?

Whether it's an immediate, short- or long-term need, Alloya has the solution. Take advantage of Alloya's competitive Advised Line of Credit - available to both Capital and Associate Members - which can be used for any purpose, even to establish a term loan.

What can Alloya do to help reduce surplus liquidity at my credit union?

Put excess liquidity to work by investing in federally insured certificates of deposit (CDs) or raise liquidity by issuing them with SimpliCD - a service provided through our established partnership with Primary Financial.

What can Alloya do to help balance my credit union's liquidity?

Collaborate with others in the credit union network to free up liquidity or grow your loan portfolio with Alloya's Loan Participation Program. Our program makes it easier for your credit union to buy and sell pools of loans.

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