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Alloya simplifies compliance.


How can Alloya simplify compliance?

Like you, Alloya is a credit union. This means we are expected to comply with regulations and standards, just like you. We understand credit union compliance because we are a credit union, and we are here as a resource to help you remain compliant with all applicable rules and regulations

How can Alloya help me stay current when regulations and compliance standards are constantly changing?

Alloya is equipped with a team of trained professionals who are versed in BSA and Nacha compliance standards. Their expertise is available to you for guidance and insight. Not to mention, numerous on-demand and live webinars and trainings are offered throughout the year to help you stay up to date.

How does Alloya make it easier to access the reports and documents needed when my credit union is being audited?

Alloya's website includes a section dedicated to transparency, where you'll find audited financial reports, disclosures, due diligence documents and more. Behind Alloya's one-stop transaction system, Premier View, you'll find a section that houses product-specific reports and documents so everything you need is at your fingertips at all times.

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