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Alloya simplifies fraud protection.


How can Alloya help my credit union staff more easily identify fraudulent check deposits while continuing to make funds quickly available to members?

Alloya offers real-time and batch Deposit Fraud Protection that compares deposited items to Early Warning®'s National Shared Database Resource - which is owned, populated and managed by the nation's seven largest financial institutions. Matched items are reported to your credit union through the real-time service, the batch service - or both services for added security.

How can I access the reports that identify high-risk deposits?

Alloya's Deposit Fraud Protection can be customized to receive reports for one or all deposit channels through Alloya's one-stop transaction system, Premier View.

If an item is low-risk, the member's account should not be placed on hold; but if an item is returned as high-risk, then the account should be put on hold immediately. How can Alloya help manage this time-sensitive responsibility?

With roughly 60 high-risk, medium-risk and low-risk warning codes, along with explanations to show why an item is being returned, Alloya's Deposit Fraud Protection makes it easy to identify when a member's account should be placed on hold and when it's not necessary.

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