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Alloya simplifies business lending.


What types of business lending services does Alloya offer?

Alloya's Business Lending Services include business loans, business deposits, business credit tracking technology, strategic consulting, business services education, risk monitoring, reporting and more.

How does Alloya make it easier to serve business members?

Through our jointly owned CUSO, CU Business Group, LLC, Alloya offers a variety of Business Lending Services to expand your credit union's ability to support business members. And even after set-up, you won't have to go it alone! Ongoing education and support are available to keep your literacy of business services sharp, and your service to business members even sharper.

How can Alloya streamline the process of adding business services to my credit union's offerings?

The Business Lending Services are cost-effective and turn-key, making them easy to quickly adopt and make available to your business members. From the moment you decide to get started, the experts at CU Business Group are at the ready to implement the services, then provide support along the way as you serve your business members.

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